Information You Need on Reverse Phone Lookup Cell Directories

So what exactly are these directories, what information do they store, and why do they exist? Primarily they are databases containing information about a company or an individual, which are linked to their cell phones and addresses. These databases are compiled from disparate sources of information. The main information is bought from all the wireless carriers. The Freedom of Information act also helped make others sources of data public as well. So a variety of data from government sources is added to the databases as well. There are various brokers of marketing information around who sell their data as well. Also, practically any kind of business that you have provided details to may have also sold their data. All this information is then combined into a useable service for their customers. This allows these directories to compile data not just for cell phones but also for landlines, unlisted phone numbers, VoIP numbers, phone system numbers and even toll-free numbers.

Obviously the main information provided is various types of phone number, full names and addresses. But there is also a surprisingly large amount of other data available on request. This includes previous addresses, close family member names, phone type, who the phone provider is, where the number was actually issued, other numbers which have been associated with the name, age and average yearly income. Some directories can even provide information on criminal records, marital status and bankruptcy information.

These reverse phone lookup cell directories exist because there are now many numbers that are not available in phone books, such as unlisted landlines and cell phone numbers. Due to privacy and legal reasons they are not allowed to make these into a phone book, which would quickly become outdated anyway. Public companies are just not capable of providing this type of service. The wireless providers do not have to give out their data, especially for free. So it is left to this new breed of reverse phone lookup cell directories to fill this gap in the market for this undoubtedly popular service. It is legal to provide this service online provided the information is not used in any unlawful manner such as telemarketing without permission.

So with a good reverse phone lookup cell directory you will be able to use these services quickly and conveniently whenever you need to find information on a particular cell phone number. You will soon find this is an indispensable service for this day and age.