Learn how to Find a Cell Phone Number

Finding cell phone numbers is easier than you think.

It is a problem that everyone faces. You need to contact someone who is never available at home or office. But you don't have the cell phone number, or have lost it and there are no common friends or associate you can get it from. In the past all you could do was send an email or snail mail (if you had the address) and hope it would be received and that you would get a response. No longer. It is now possible to find a cell phone number and contact the person you want to.

A major benefit of cell phones is the privacy they afford. There are no landline type telephone directories you can hunt through or a 411 service you can ask. And some people go to great lengths to restrict access to their cell phone numbers. The best way to find a cell phone number is to do it in logical stages.

The first step is to Google the person you are trying to find. If you are lucky, you will find the person you are looking for and his phone number. If the person has a homepage, you chances of success are greater as many publish their personal and contact information on their websites and this will increase the chances of a successful search.

But since most people are careful about giving out their cell phone numbers, you may not succeed. There are online cell phone directories you can try. But these will normally only have the cell phone numbers of those who want their numbers to be available to the public, so if the person does not want this, you may not be able to get hold of the  cell phone number you are looking for. The best option is to use a cell phone number search service.

Many companies offers cell phone number search online. There are free services which basically aggregate all the information that is freely available on the internet in one place so that searching becomes easy and the chances of finding the number you want increase. But the results are limited to publicly available information. If you have no success here, the last and best way to find a cell phone number is to use a paid cell phone number search service. These companies buy subscriber databases from cell phone service providers and have the most comprehensive information about cell phone users. However, since they need to buy the information, they need to sell what they have to recover their expenditure and make a profit.

Selling cell phone user information is perfectly legal but how the information is used is subject to various restrictions. It cannot be used for telemarketing or any illegal purpose. To ensure this, the identity of the purchaser must be recorded which means that you need to use a credit card to buy the cell phone number. A word of caution. Once you find the number you want, use it wisely. Respect the privacy of the person you call and do not take having the cell phone number to give you the right to contact the person as and when you want. And never give out the number to others without the owner's permission.