Use the Internet and a Cell Phone Number to Find a Person

Find a Person

With access to the Internet it is possible to find a person if you are willing to invest the time required to conduct the search. You will need at least some basic information about the person you are interested in locating. Even if you must resort to paying a private detective or use a fee site, you will need this basic information. The best place to start is with the last known physical address of the individual in question.

Listing Personal Information

Before starting down the path of a search, list any information that you have about the individual. Even an old telephone number (cell or land-line) can lead you to a wealth of information. Compile any information, regardless of how outdated it may seem. Start with a full name, including nicknames, known aliases, middle name and maiden name (if applicable). Follow with pertinent dates; birth, high school graduation; college graduation; and marriage. If you know where this person attended high school and college, or any places of employment, make note of these as well. Next, make a listing of any family members (especially children) or mutual friends. The "golden goose" of information for an individual is a social security number, so if you can provide it, your search will be simplified.

Reverse Phone Look-up

Begin your search with a reverse cell phone look-up. There are numerous sites on the Internet that allow you to find a person by their phone number (cell or land-line) free of charge. Additionally, there are sites, that for a fee will provide you with more in-depth information. As there are usually multiple results returned when you search a name, the additional information can serve to determine which individual is the one you are interested in finding.

Chances are that if you are looking for a long lost friend or a relative you haven't been in contact with for some time, that you will not have current information. Although the process of locating a person will be more difficult from old information, even a disconnected telephone number can lead you one step closer to your desired reunion.

Social Networks

Using social Internet sites, such as FaceBook and My Space are also excellent sources for locating and individual. One of the best resources on the Internet are any of a number of classmate finder sites. While some of these sites do request a small membership fee, most allow for free browsing.

Family and Friends

Take advantage of mutual friends and family members as well. Chances are that if you were to send a letter to a high school friend to the parent's home address, it will eventually reach the intended person. The easiest way to find a person by far is with a cell phone number.

Since you likely do not have a current cell phone number for an individual you have lost touch with, try first by searching using the most recent phone number you have for that person. If all else fails, check out one of the sites that will do a complete search of the individual for a nominal price. Generally, the free portion of a people finder search will return a listing of individuals with the same name. You will need to determine which result is your friend. Knowing any details of their life will help you to make the decision as to which result is the most likely to be the correct one.