Cell Phone Lookup as a means of Communication

The use of cell phone as a means of communication has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. Be it the young or elderly - everybody uses it. Unlike the landline phones, the cell phones provide the freedom of carrying it with you. Not only that, you can even carry out other activities like the use of internet, listening to music, watching videos etc in a cell phone.

Yes, the use of cell phones have become commonplace. But sometimes, it also puts us in an unenviable position when you have to find the cell phone numbers of people. It may be the old principal of your school whom you want to pass on a congratulatory message for being awarded a doctorate or your friend from school days with whom you have no contact ever since you left school.


The historical non-availability of such cell phone directory by name can be attributed to the strict private laws in the country. It was believed that the privacy of people should be respected and hence no such directory is allowed to be available publicly. But there has been a change in the privacy policies recently and with it some private companies have come forward to create cell phone directories by name.

Some of the cell phone directories by name provide the information to you free of cost. Often people who run a business register their names and cell phone voluntarily so that people can contact them easily. They do this in order to enhance their customer base. In such free cell phone directories, you have to put your name, cell phone number and other required details during log in. This is how they build their pool of data. Since this information is free to use, you may later be flooded with calls from advertisers.

How it works

Most of the cell phone directories by name allow you to access their database by charging a nominal fee. They get the data from different cell phone service provider companies and combine them to build their own database. You can log onto their websites and the get the information you want. The onetime charge for availing this facility is around $20. Since you would be in need of it from time to time, it is a good idea to buy an annual plan at a reduced unit cost. Due to its bigger database, searching a paid cellular directory by name is a surer way of eliciting the information you have been looking for. Some of them even have the unlisted numbers in their database and do not charge if you fail to get the desired information.