How to find the best reverse cell phone lookup free services

In 2010, the use of mobile phones grew to include 4.6 billion network subscribers, an explosive growth from 12.4 million since 1990. Mobile phones are used worldwide for a variety of purposes including communicating through voice, by text, and for entertainment.

Landline service providers allow people to pay for caller identification and call blocking. These services, however, do not work on cell phones. Unlike landline phones, it is not as easy for someone to identify who is calling them or to stop calls from mobile phones. Consequently, people who are this fact may specifically use a cell phone to call someone who has no way to block the caller from the landline or find out who the caller is. For parents, this information may be critical to protect their children from Internet strangers.

There are a number of Internet reverse cell phone lookup free services. Users can take advantage of these services to obtain caller identification information for a variety of purposes. When acquiring a new cell phone or changing service, a user might discover that strange numbers are showing up on his or her caller display.

When landline telephone companies realized the public was interested in finding out who is calling them, and stopping calls from certain others, new services were born. Cell phones are recognizing the public needs similar call features. However, because cellular carriers are not networked across a central database, it is not possible for people to contact a central operator to obtain caller identification, to delist their number or activate call blocking for cellular phones. allows users to conduct a reverse cell phone lookup free. Its database of thousands of records is user-generated for users.  The telephone numbers reflect debt collectors, cold callers, scammers, banks, charities, businesses and many more.
In exploring service provider websites on GoogleĆ¢€™s website, a number of websites appear with various U.S. and global popularity rankings. PhoneNumberScan is one of the service provider websites on Alexa. Entering a cell number, landline or unlisted number will yield some limited information. Membership is available for a nominal fee that allows further details including the owner, address, carrier and satellite image of caller location. Some services such as offer to send the name of the cell phone owner to as a phone text for a small fee billed to your cell phone.

Service feature comparisons

Among features that customers should consider when comparing reverse cell phone lookup free services is whether you can keep your telephone number private or not. You might want to find out about the other party before they find out about you, or you might want to retain your anonymity. Does the service offer limited or unlimited options? Some services offer pay as you go, while others offer membership if you upgrade from an initial free service, for example. You might want have obtained a new cell number, or find your cell phone has occasional unknown callers. In which case, you might find unlimited reverse phone lookups are either a good fit or more than you need.

Does the locator service have reputable endorsements from industry experts or others? Perhaps private investigators, detectives, law enforcement or other professionals use the service. The amount of cell phone data and the database sources will factor into how successfully caller data can be delivered. Information about the frequency of data updates will inform users about the potential currency of data. Cell phones and other personal data are often changed over years. The shelf life of data should be known. A service may have real customer service representatives to assist should manual lookup be needed. When activating a lookup, the duration of access should be provided, which can allow cross comparison of services. Some companies offer 1 minute access, for example.